Endeavour - Booster Shield "Correction"

Hello Everyone,


I would like to point to a little problem that seems to be more an “oversight” than a major issue concerning the special module on the Endeavour “The Booster Shield”



Since the basic “Phase Shield” is giving a small up and down speed boost, all the “special ones” are giving a longer and more stable speed boost that is cancelled while firing, using module and receiving damage :


Here for the Reaper Special :



Here for the Archelon Special : 



Both of this special modules have a longer cooldown and also have a longer and stronger Speed boost to compensate the lack of “Fast Switch” with a standard Phase shield and the higher Energy Cost of this special modules.


Here the Standard Phase Shield :



As you can see, the Standard Phase Shield does not imply a “Cooldown” allowing Guards to spend great amount of energy in order to gain a Speed Boost.

The Special Ones can also be used to move with better efficiency while sacrifying them to reach a new position faster while not being able to use it once arrived.

Or, in the situation of the Endeavour, you can’t do any of the previously mentionned “Tactics” if I may call them like that.

Since the “Secondary effect”, reducing the Cooldown is capped to 6 seconds minimum and has a really limited Range, and  a really weird mechanics that add back the Cooldown if an ennemy with reloading modules is going outside the 1.5km.


it’s positionning the Endeavour into a lesser spot than other Federation Frigate (while being in the Unique Tree, the Endeavour still has a Federation Logo on it and still got the Critical Chance Buff from Federation), especially due to the fact that the Guards around it : Rank 8/9/10/11 from the same Faction have access to a lot of the new Tools.


The suggestion would be to simply put the same speed buff mechanics from the Endeavour/Reaper on the Endeavour in order to keep this ship unique and correct.

Or just make it not disabling upon firing/receiving damage, it decays over 12s anyway.

By the way, make endeavour shield eating visual effect not affecting allies. Its annoying and distracting.