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_ Welcome everyone, to my official video section! _


I’ve always wanted to do videos of SC and got a lot of peoples asking but sadly wasn’t able to… THE WAIT IS OVER!


_Due to the fact that uploading a high-quality video takes a lot of time (5hours for a 6min video), I’ll most likely upload only 1 per week or 2 in the best case and of course, if I have time. I’ll also with time, start editing them to make them looks cooler (i’ve never edited a video in my entire life^^). With that said, let’s jump into it! FLY SAFE AND ENJOY. _




Pretty sharp image, what did you use for recording and at what settings?

Thanks! I’ve used GeForce experiment, it’s an integrated software with my gpu. I can do live, recording, screenshots, all these stuff pressing a single button and on top of that it doesn’t use more resources like a classic recording software ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Recording part of GeForce Experience is called ShadowPlay. What settings on shadowplay did you use? 

Ultra, recording set on 1080 60 with debit at 10mbps


Thanks for the name I was looking for it  ![:007_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/007_2.png “:007_2:”)

ShadowPlay is aright, but I use OBS which is better, Shadowplay cannot record framerates over 60, I record at 75 but in the future I will upgrade to 144, YouTube won’t display over 60 anyway as they like to butcher quality and it will be that way until we get a better video sharing platform, as for video sizes I don’t recommend uploading the uncompressed footage, you should use Handbrake, its a software that can reduce uncompressed footage size by up to 90% without significantly affecting quality, watch some tutorials on how to use it and experiment until you find a good quality-size ratio for you, the upload speed of your ISP is also important, go over to http://www.speedtest.net to see that.

I did take a look at OBS but it seem quite complex to use. I’ll definitely use handbrake thanks for that and yea my upload speed is rather low ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”) that might also be the reason I can’t keep up a live more than 3 mins

just tested Handbrake, it works perfectly! thanks man!

Dont use handbreak with a shadowplay.

Shadowplay gives you already compressed video. You wanna use compression software if you are recording raw.

Always used OBS when i record videos since my Shadowplay mysteriously didnt work when i bought the PC but now i suddenly works and i can say it runs smooth af. 

Its much sharper and has more flow than OBS aswell idk why that is. It has a slightly bigger file size but that makes up for the pure quality :3

Double post.

I used OBS for a while but then I realized that unless you wanna record slo-mo, over 60fps is literally pointless. Just makes massive file sizes and compression makes everything look horrid. Shadowplay is the xxxx.

yea shadowplay already compress the file but it’s still too big, like said earlier (2go for 6 min) it’s still better than fraps that does a 10go vid for the same amount of time lol, with handbrake the file got reduced to 300mo while still keeping the vid in 60fps and same resolution

It doesn’t affect framerate and resolution, it mostly affects colour and sound in some cases.

idk, I’ve made a comparison and the converted vid look exactly the same

It depends on the settings, but as long as its okay to you then leave it be.

New video coming out soon! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

And Here it is!



Want an Hug ? of course you do! 


If anyone didn’t notice, excavation site and PB-42 has become available in custom battle, have a look!