Empty Interceptor weapon has the old model.

So basically, if your interceptor has no weapon installed the model will be the one of the plasma gun but it will be the old one, while on fighters, frigates and destroyers they are all updated.



And also something interesting I noticed, the updated models adopt the paint scheme of said ships, pretty cool but it only works for the empty weapon slots, yet the Coilgun doesn’t adopt the paint scheme of the destroyers so that might be a bug as well.



the little turret in the middle is the A1MA


The old plasma gun model counts for every interceptor, at least I think so, I’m not going to try it out on all 68 of them, more or less.

I’ll provide logs if I need to. Just tell me if they have to be oaks or birches. 

Hello) Well basicly it’s not regular Plasma gun, it’s a default version of what the ship has as a weapon, even lower on stats a little. But I think, we will manage to change this model as well ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Cool, arigato CinnamonSenpai!