Empire's Offspring

Seconds then minutes then hours went on as young Taekwanderisha looked out the school window. Her teacher had been droning on and on about the start of the colony’s history.

“Tee”, Mrs. Phlengwengh asked, “Why do you think the Emperor, our dear leader, decided to create our colony in this system? On this planet to be more specific.” Taekwanderisha had been hearing her teacher’s lecture and quickly came up with an intelligent response as usual.

“Our dear leader chose to place this colony of ours in this star system because it is rich in metallic resources which are excellent in building warships. The outer asteroid belt is full of iron while the inner ring has a supply of tungsten and osmium. Our dear leader also chose to settle this planet because of it’s low gravitational pull which allows starships to launch much more easily than it would be with standard gravity,” said Taekwanderisha. That seemed to satisfy the old hag. Tee continued to stare blankly out the cracked, dirty window. Tee was so bored.

She noticed a green streak of light across the sky. About two minutes later dozens of green streaks lit up the sky. Then came the ground shaking explosions and pops and booms that rang through her ears. The other students around Taekwanderisha were hollering and the water sprinklers went off. Students began to fill the corridors. Only three rooms down was there no more class. Everything gone. Every single human being in that class had turned to basic particles. Ships whizzed past at sound breaking speed declaring wanton destruction at every street and street corner. Tee watched from inside the classroom as children ran for their lives. Some fell and got stampeded on by others and no one bothered to help. The stench of blood flowed into the air. With haste, Tee made her way out of the building through the same window she saw the green streaks.

“Where were the armed forces garrisoned in town?” thought Taekwanderisha as she sprinted home. She gasped for air with every step. Tee saw demolished buildings but she didn’t see the control tower for the air field in the distance. She made it home only to see her mother dead half buried underneath the wreckage and rubble of her home. Tee kneeled down and wept. It felt unusual for her to have this emotion. After a long while, while hearing the death screams of neighbors, she picked herself up.

That day Taekwanderisha Oshaqhenise made an oath to herself. She vowed to avenge her mother. She vowed to destroy those who destroyed her planet.

I’m, like, 3/4 sure this was written badly on purpose.

If I had a mic, I’d record myself reading this.