Empire ships and Fed ships need to have models swapped.

so ever since the destroyers came out, ive noticed that while they largely have great looking models, the Empire and fed destroyers are completely swapped around. The sleek smooth lines dont feel fed to me, and the blocky olive drab ships look out of place in the Empire. 



does anyone else get this feeling?


No, not really. Though I do admit that the Anteres looks more like a touring ship than a combat ship. Xp

 Though I do admit that the Anteres looks more like a touring ship than a combat ship. Xp

Because its designer was doing exclusively civilian ships. Anyway, Procyon looks much better, Antares looks like Procyon merged with star trek Enterprise in the centre, squished by large rock.

And it’s rear has a bubble in it.

“‘Antares’ destroyer’s history is tightly linked with the name of Amir Gregory, founder and chief designer of the corporation FME (Federation Mining Equipment). Commonly known as a genius of his time and a staunch pacifist, he created exclusively civil engineering vehicles, adapted to the most extreme conditions. In the early days of the invasion Amir’s family and many workers were rescued by his corporation through the intervention of the Armada. In gratitude, the brilliant designer created his first and only combat machine. Named after Amir’s native system the destroyer ‘Antares’ has become a real pride of the Federation fleet.”

The Antares is all good. It has a very unique design. The story behind it explains why it looks like a civilian ship: it follows the ‘party ship’ concept. Also, it looks like an insect, an ant. So I would say this ship is Ares the Ant.

And there is this too:

" Antares  (/ænˈtɑːriːz/), also known by its Bayer designation  Alpha Scorpii  (abbreviated to  α Scorpii  or  α Sco ), is the fifteenth brightest star in the nighttime sky and the brightest star in the constellation Scorpius, and is often referred to as “the heart of the scorpion”. Along with AldebaranRegulus, andFomalhaut, Antares comprises the group known as the ‘Royal stars of Persia’. It is one of the four brightest stars near the ecliptic."

The Antares is in the constellation Scorpius. If I look a little more I can imagine some ‘scorpioness’ into it as well. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, it has some nice mythology behind it too.


Antares…Well done!!

Coooooool. Though I’m still fine with the models as they are. Even if this got support, the devs would reject it immediately. Xp

They are following the secret ship kind of style though the submarine is almost Loki unique in that other things are not like it. I think they are fine as is although Procyon is slightly Empire style, the Invincible is definitely that.

I disagree! Negative! Not so affirmative! I ain’t supporting! NO! Impossibru!! Pro)))) +++