Empire R11 Destroyer (Brave) build recommendation

I almost have all the berlliyum I need to make the empire destroyer Brave.  I was trying to get an idea of what you setup should be from people who use this destroyer.  I was thinking…

1 slot engine

2 slots capacitor

1 slot shield

3 slots hull

1 slot CPU


For level 4 I was going to do increase hull resistance to kinetic damage and for 8 I was going to do 15% decrease in support module cooldown.  For special module I was going to choose the one that prioritized weapon damage.

Does this sound like an okay build?  Do I have too many hull slots?  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Why would you use a shield slot? I recommend going for 25% energy reduction for suppressor mods. 3 hull slots is a must. The build seems fine in the rest.

3 slot hull is a must, engine is optional for speed and the rest is whatever u need, personally i went for more capacitor slots, leak and voltage in cap slots and extra cap in shield slot. I can spam and do damage, im satisfied with it. Also cpu is advised for counter CC.

So it sounds like I should ditch the slot for shield and put it into CPU?  Or would it be better off in capacitor?

my brave is 1 1 0 3 3. I prefer CPU for crit dmg instead of cap.

Having more capacitor slots on the Brave isn’t a bad idea. It’s got pretty shoddy energy out of the box. Just depends on if you want more crit (CPU) or more modules/shields/repairs (capacitor).