Empire frigate Spiral 3D model

Faction : Empire

Class : Engineering Frigate
Ranks : 10


The space combat system ‘Spiral’ is the only representative of the legendary modular system of combat starships developed during the early stellar expansion of mankind. Blueprints and technologies of the unique modular system were lost during the formation of the Empire. The combat system has perfectly proven itself during the battles with the Revenant Order in the days of Direktorium.


The system consists of two combat modules that can function as a single unit, or separately. The detachable module can temporarily become a full-fledged interceptor, and then reconnect and use all the capabilities of the frigate.


Blueprints and technologies of the ‘Spiral’ system were lost at the end of the XXXVI century. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus.


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