Emperor spec mod bugged

The Emperor special module says that when the drones are landed on the platforms, it gives hull regeneration at the rate of 500pts/s BUT it doesn’t work. I thought it was weird that I had no regen during pvp so I went in custom game to see if it works but it didn’t. When less than 4 drones are landed (1 and 2 drones), it shows the 500 green regen next to health bar but it doesn’t proc no matter how much drones are landed, it’s just that it shows the green “500” when 2 drones are landed even if it doesn’t actually regenerate hull.

I think it’s a bug and it would be nice to fix it asap cuz it removes an important part of the spec mod.

here is the screenshot of the [Landing Platforms] description

edit : if the description means the regeneration of drones hull and not the emperor hull, it would be better to write “the drones are invincible and regenerate THEIR hull at …” cuz rn the description is confusing

on the pictures I tested it by letting only 1 drone left on the platform which is supposed to heal 500/s, it shows in green but it doesn’t heal. The shield healed for 3 tic while the 3 tic of the drone regen went into the void and didn’t heal anything even while showing the number in green






Drones don’t constantly regenerate your hull. Just on occasion. Only landed players regenerate your hull constantly.

2 hours ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Drones don’t constantly regenerate your hull. Just on occasion

can you explain which occasion exactly ?


Only landed players regenerate your hull constantly

then why does it say “the drones are invincible AND regenerate the hull …”

For the players regenerating the hull it’s already written latter in the description and it’s 1% max hull heal / player landed

edit : and if the drones don’t heal, why does it still show the heal in green even tho it doesn’t heal ?  I think it’s supposed to heal but for some reason it doesn’t work. Probably a small bug waiting to be fixed

Module description will be corrected


Module description will be corrected

so in the end they won’t heal the hull of the emperor but only themselves ?

Why not just fix the bug and make them heal the hull of the emperor (like it was supposed to be) instead of just changing the description and nerfing the spec mod ? Cuz rn the emperor has no hull regen except if a player land on the platform, which isn’t that good when in pvp or sec con ppl don’t dock on the platform a lot

It would be nice to have hull regen from the spec mod especially since the emperor has a huge hull pool and rely entirely on its hull, its shield being useless like all empire dessies. When you see zeta having more than 2k regen just from nodes idk why emperor would have no regen when its hull pool is that big compared to zeta. It would be a better idea to make the drones heal the hull, for example if you have 200 000 hull pts with the drones it will heal 2000/s (500/s x 4 drones) but if 4 players land on you it will be 4% of max hull instead (8000/s for 200 000)

so it will makes it stronger when you have players on the platform, but for the case nobody lands on you (which is 90% of the time) you will still have hull regen from the drones, even if it’s a lower regen

On 7/22/2021 at 1:50 AM, MayhemMaker said:

When you see zeta having more than 2k regen just from nodes 

Just a small correction here: Ze’ta has a max of 658 regen per second from the nodes.