Emergency Barrier Status Utility

Greetings from russian community. Not so far ago I created emergency barrier status utility, which can show to pilot EB cool down before  it will be charged. Russian pilots are already using it and I want to share it with foreign pilots.

This utility is approved by Skula1975, so every pilot can safely use it without any restictions from developers.


So, main logic of my utility is in analyzing log-files of game and gathering requared information. Utility doesn’t searching no any other files and doesn’t using Internet connection.


Russian topic:



Direct link to latest version:



Another one link:



How to set up (1st launch):

  1. Download archive

  2. Extract where ever you want

  3. Start StarConflict. Doesn’t matter if you are using Steam or Launcher client.

  4. At chat window type next command “/combatLog 3” (with out quotes). This will enable extended logs (as far as I know right now logs are already extended by default, but just to be sure).

  5. At game graphics settings select “Windowed” or “Windowed (resized to full)” (I have russian client so I don’t know how this values correctly called). Real full screen mode doesn’t supported.

  6. Restart your game (full exit and start again)

  7. Start  EmergBarStatus.exe


If you done everything correct, you should see small window in the middle bot of your monitor with 1 word - Ready. You can grab this window and drag and drop it where ever you want. If you saw some error, please, inform me and I will try to help.


What you will see at battle. When your EB saved your life, message “Ready” will be changed to counter from N to 0 (at miliseconds). This is how many time left until EB recharged. If you are using Mk1 EB timer will start from 95000, and if you are using Mk4 is will start from 71000. 


Also if your EB is T5, my utility assume that you are using 13-1 implant and every kill or damage help in kill will decrease cool down by 15%. Unfortunately logs can’t show to utility do pilot really using 13-1 or other implant. But I think most pilots are smart and using this implant.


That else… Logs can’t show does pilots ship have EB or not. So, by default you will see Ready every time, even you doesn’t have EB module.


Utility was designed for PvP battles, but it will work at Open Space too. But, it will not decrease 15% for each killing at Open Space, because of there are a lot of object coming with new patches and I can not be sure when 13-1 implant works at Open Space and when not.


For 2nd and all next launches:

  1. Start game client.

  2. Star utility.

Always in this sequence.


That’s all. Fly safe.



v4: Utility rewritten for the new log format. Previous “Killed -> Participant -> Reward”, now “Reward -> Killed -> Participant”.


P.S. Sorry for bad english. I’m trying to write without using google translate.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for including us! 

Can you throw in monitoring for adaptive shields?

Can you throw in monitoring for adaptive shields?


No, there are no information at logs about it. But as far as I know, soon developers will add it into game.

/moved to community projects.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Too bad i cant use it in full-screen mode. In windowed mode gamma setting doesn’t work for me and i’m used to flying with high gamma

Wow, huge thanks!

Thank you. May Ford bless your soul (BNW reference). Thank you of thinking of the other community.

Thank you.

Very nice feature. Thank you


not to look a gift horse in the mouth… but could you possibly switch the colour of the numbers to white and remove the white background enabling us to see behind the numbers?

I hope that in the future we will get a patch, which will already do that.

Emergency Barrier status is important and the countdown should be already there to begin with.

Anyway, nice tool.

not to look a gift horse in the mouth… but could you possibly switch the colour of the numbers to white and remove the white background enabling us to see behind the numbers?


QT library is allowing this, but when I tried it there were some frizes. Same FPS but game picture has ceased to be a smooth. I’ll try to find out what I can do.

i guess that would be the transparence maybe?

do you hijack direct x api calls and/or overwrite endscene, or do you draw on the surface in the background from a separate thread? or is there an internal call now for this in Qt?

just curious, since the technique could come in handy for another project.

nice tool, gotta check it out. you should provide a screenshot for promotion. if they would provide an api of some sort, you could also do it for fullscreen.