EM Torp Hack?

Ok, not sure if my observations were circumstantial or legitimate, but I just came from two Tier 3 games where it appeared a player was using a hacked version of the EM Torpedo.


Essentially one minute there is an interceptor in front of me, the next an EM Torp explodes on him without any kind of warning, killing him instantly. Each time I observed this odd behavior, the torpedo was a direct hit on an interceptor. Each time the torpedo explosion lacked a missile trail or a missile noise, alerting me to it’s strange nature.


Even stranger, the torpedoes were not aimed at objectives to create splash damage. They were all direct hits on an enemy.


Has anyone else observed anything like this?


EDIT: Also, in both games, my team (which the player was on) wiped the floor with the enemy team; it just seemed way too easy.

AFAIK unguided missiles (torpedoes) have no sound warning. Unless you were referring to the wooosh trailing sound of the torpedo.

Unless you were referring to the wooosh trailing sound of the torpedo.


Yep. There was no ‘woooosh’ noise and no missile trail. Just a big bang and a dead interceptor. Direct hits each time.


Either the guy doing the shooting was extremely lucky, or he was hacking, or I am seeing things at this early morning hour.

The reason might be the detonation radius, if the interceptor is close enough, the torp explodes right away.

Also, if this guy was really experienced he used the free aim, which allows you to shoot the torpedo in ANY direction.

I don’t know if it’s related, but It seems to me that the ship explosion effect was changed in game in last patch. It now looks like an EM-torp explosion.


Maybe I’m wrong… Or maybe it explains what you saw…

You don’t need free aim in a styx with low turn speed :wink:

I had the same experience. It seemed like recons launch em torps. Also, when the fake hologram ships pop they deal em damage.

unless a pilot is using it at point blank range i don’t see how an aimbot would help with em torps and even so, it is pretty hard to miss with them at point blank range

It’s definitely the Hologram’s Boom Effect.

It’s definitely the Hologram’s Boom Effect.

It scares like hell the first time I saw it :smiley:

Yeah, the interceptors you’re seeing go “boom” are most likely recon holograms, unless you see specificly in the kill feed the player that went “boom” since the recon holograms explode dealing Em damage in a 500m radius (I think - need to test it).

Yep, holoships explode with the em Torp effect. No normal explosion from them. Surely you guys noticed the multiple instances of the same player?

And it seems you get kill scores from the holoships so that may explain the points.

The module makes complete chaos erupt on the map.

It’s definitely the Hologram’s Boom Effect.


You’re right. This sounds exactly like OP’s description. 


The effect needs to be changed, as it’s confusing.

It’s definitely the Hologram’s Boom Effect.


That explains so much. It was always an interceptor.that exploded, and always out in open space where there was no way a normal EM Torp should have been able to snipe it.



I like to call them troloships…