EM Scatter Field - on Jericho LR bugged

Hello there,


Since the last patch there seems to be a bug with the module EM Scatter field on Jericho LR Frigs.

After activation, and when you fire a rocket it gets instantly purged and you are visable again.


When i try with a Desintigrator frig everything seems fine, and i can activate and keep on firing.


And no, i’m not moving my ship after activation, I’m well aware that it deactivate the module.


Maybe you can have a look at this issue.


kind regards

Can’t confirm, works fine on my Ira Deus and from my logs works fine for others too (I know because the LRF’s gave me a little headache for my log file reader when I looked at it in detail just yesterday).

You’ll need to attach a log file (combat.log) so we can maybe see what’s going on in your case.

Ok thread can be closed. Sometimes i have a bug where the buff is not displayed in the Top line.
But it seems active, because enemy players don’t target me.
But maybe this is a client related problem.


Thanks :slight_smile: