Ellydium Slots OFF text overlay prevent Context Menu popup

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | How to replicate the issue –

Activate more then one slot per group on an Ellydium ship by Node advancement.

Place a module into the second or third slot.

Hover over the slot in Hangar and right click the slot icon.

Context menu will appear giving the options to remove the module from the slot.

De-Node the slot so that the text now reads OFF on the slot.

Place your cursor again on the icon and right click for the Context menu to appear so the module can be removed from the off-slot.

The Context Menu will not appear to remove the module from the locked slot due to the text overlay of OFF on top of the icon that responds to the Right Click Mouse Event. 

The Context Menu will appear if the cursor is located elsewhere in the icon where the OFF text overlay box is not located. |
| What you expected to see | Since most people click the center of icons and not their edges, the OFF overlay is preventing the Context Menu from properly being triggered by the Right Click Event – allowing a Pilot to remove a module that is not being used due to the slot being set to Off by de-Noding and de-Ranking an Ellydium ship.

The OFF overlay should be re-positioned to a corner of the icon away from center *OR* the overlay properties be adjusted to passthru the right click event to the icon below it.

The latter option being the better logic correction since simple relocation of the OFF would still prevent proper triggering of the Event within the Icon.

Log files are not needed for upload since the issue can be replicated with the above steps.  |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | All Ellydium slots with the OFF overlay active after de-Ranking or de-Noding an Elly ship |
| Problem details | The OFF Overlay object is on top of the Icon object and prevents proper triggering of the RIGHT MOUSE CLICK EVENT to pop up the Context Menu of the Icon. |
| Frequency of reproduction | always |
| Time of bug | every time. Probably been around for awhile but just noticed it for v1.6.1 after de-Ranking an Ellydium ship |


Please make screenshots for illustration of issue

Screen shots attached…


First one is showing the mouse cursor in the icon (the full yellow highlighted area) and the cursor is within the Red outline of the OFF overlay.   The context menu can not be activated on the Right Mouse Click Event since the OFF Overlay box is on top of the Icon changing the icon properties and turning off the Context Menu Event.


Second image is showing the mouse cursor out of the red OFF overlay box but still within the Icon area.   Now the Context Menu Event is able to be triggered since the cursor is within the icon and its properties but not within the OFF overlay.   A right click now will produce the Context Menu and let the turned off item be removed from the slot.


Its the OFF Overlay preventing the Icon properties from properly seeing the mouse click event.   Since the OFF Overlay is centered within the Icon and most humans click the center of icons and not their edges, normal intuitive clicking to remove a module from a slot that has been turn OFF due to de-Ranking of the Ellydium ship is either confusing to most of them because they have to use the edges above or below the OFF overlay…OR…they just assume that the module is locked in place and can not be removed at all.     The module can be removed by right clicking, selecting the option to remove from the slot.


Even the two ON HOVER EVENTS are different.   Yes I know that such things can be so based on an variable being True or False in logic but that is not the case here.   The Icon is still TRUE but the Overlay is FALSE…move the cursor just up or down off the overlay and even the Hover Text changes.


What basically needs to happen is that OFF slots either unload modules that are in them automatically when they turn off, similar to when a ship is de-Ranked and modules are removed since the rank cant support the higher level ones previously slotted  (not a fan of this)…OR … the OFF Overlay properties be modified to pass the Context Menu from the icon underneath and popup the Context Menu to let the user remove the module item.  (would be my choice for the coder to resolve, since properties of object under objects CAN be passed through, it is just another Properties Setting of True or False.)


I am also not a fan of just moving the OFF Overlay away from Icon center, since doing so still would have the same effect no matter where the overlay is re-positioned.  It would still prevent a user from accessing the Context Menu.  Also not a fan of ON icons and OFF icons, where no overlay is used at all, since that is just poor design and requires duplicate icons with one just having the text OFF overlaid graphically at icon creation, easy to make but poor design results in lots of graphic bloat in an application, memory, and in DLL files…   The current method of the generic OFF overlay is the most efficient method to use.  One generic graphic with its Alpha Layer Mask set to off, so that it can be overlaid onto any existing icon.   Only problem is that it is not allowing the underlying icon properties to be triggered by the Click Event.


The images are of the engine slots on a taikin but the issue occurs on any Elly Ship, any slot where the OFF is present and a module is in the slot.   The ship was at Rank 12 with three engines and modules slotted in them, then was de-Ranked by the Nodes to be a Rank 9 which results in still the three engine slots but only two can be active.  The third one is set to OFF but still contains a valid module for both the ship ranks, so it is not automatically removed, just the slot is turn off and the OFF Overlay now present.







You should activate node before remove module, Not a bug.