Ellydium Ships - Special Ellydium Modules

I have a few questions, pilots!


We all know that we had tasks to do for Thar’Ga - Ellydium Gunship fighter class.

4 special modules - 4 special missions, each individual mission is composed of 3 tasks, before you could learn and build a special module. Total of 12 tasks.


I want to know, if you can do the same for Tai’Kin - Ellydium Recon interceptor class, without resorting to Trade feature or Iridium caches that drops “random” loot.

I suppose we got the same options like with Ellydium Gunship, so the other two are presented as a shortcut?

I expected easier missions for specials and not this random drop to get random loot thing, soo yeah, id go for missions as grind options and trade as fast forward option, at least it works, at some point.

OR instead of praying to RNGESUS how about we work for what we need. If I were to go out and make a contract with someone in the real business world I sure in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks wouldn’t make it for some random s-h-I-t. Make a list of what jobs need to be done for each item that needs to be acquired so we can do the tasks directly and stop giving the p2w’s the UPPER HAND so much. last I checked this was skill based game not who has most skill in buying stuff.

I would like “passive missions”. Complete missions in PvP. Something like xenocrystals quests but no ammunition restrictions, no weapons restrictions…

I would so very much like to get away from forced market system use. Random containers are what is killing most modern games these days.

So someone tell me, why do they not try to make the consumer happy like other businesses so that they get better reviews, specifically steam, so that sc can get more players and q times are lower which ideally would bring more money anyway cause people are impatient and want things NOW? We live in a microwave age man, use that to your advantage AND keep consumers happy.

Is it because the cost of servers and the more players you have on then the more it cost to keep the servers up? or is the business practice of things SUPER shady and needs some REAL work?

The problem is, they don’t understand how to do that, like providing a low barrier to entry so more people spend less money.

Or focusing on PvP population, balance and competitiveness. They want to sell you competitiveness, much like many F2P MOBA.

They only know how to compel people to spend by making other items obsolete or inferior, whenever they run out of money.


wtf? dude the how is RIGHT HERE! we are saying it in this forum. *FACEPALM*

When this game stopped being PvP (as the premise on which it was sold), it literally dug its own grave.

I don’t know of any successful PvP games which require months or years of grind. CoD/MW/BF, etc… are 3 months at most to unlock everything.

That’s just one common example though. PvP’ers don’t tend find that very amusing, very quickly get bored, and move on to something else.


1 hour ago, betatrash said:

I don’t know of any successful PvP games which require months or years of grind. CoD/MW/BF, etc… are 3 months at most to unlock everything.