Ellydium DLC - Waz'Got: DLC description should be more detailed and clear!

Many players that had bought Tai’Kin DLC, and now, Waz’Got DLC, have been expecting a fully developed ship.

Many of them felt deceived by the lack of (conveniently missing or left out) information on this subject.

You get what is described, but you do not get the whole picture.


For example, nowhere in the DLC was mentioned that the ship still needs to get evolved and that the ship provided is only of Rank 5 and not of Rank 15.

Such information should be always added, even if it’s less relevant, just to avoid confusion and negative feedback, when a customer feels deceived.


Again, all relevant information should be written in details, clearly enough, so that a customer understands what he’s getting with a purchase of such DLC!




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Steam Store:







anyone who bought this should have played long enough to know that the developers are crooks

Yet people still but them, so who’s to blame here? You mostly pay for the skins anyway, a micro-transaction that can be found even in some paid games, pirate them all! Fight fire with fire! (not legally tough)