Ellydium Cabins

Since alien Composite blocks are becoming so common yet the limit in inventory is stuck at 500, I’ve found myself will a crazy amount of alien parts and bits. So… I’ve made a few extra cabins. Because why not.


And it got me thinking… Why are cabins so useless???


I propose that cabins be made sellable to other pilots on the market for about 5,000GS minimum (or something like that so it’s not hella broken).


I also propose that you be able to fly the cabins as their own ships with their own rank ladder similar to the NY18’s. But just not with alien modules. Just normal ones. This way you can still make use of them and they aren’t just sitting around useless. They also look really cool and are already in the game so that’s a win-win on the players and dev’s side!

+1! i want to fly around a waz’got cabin just for sh*ts and giggles