Ellydium Base Ship Upgrade

Why not choosing any ship of any faction and upgrading it like the Thar’Ga in the Ellydium Base?

Or instead of manufacturing the Rank 15 unic ships…why not to choose the ship u want and manufacture it at Rank 15? 

I would like to fly with the ship I mostly like in rank 15…

Anyway… Do you have any plans for another allien design ships?

I personally doesnt like the Thar’Ga…sorry ![:004_2:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/004_2.png “:004_2:”)


Yes, yes, mate: this was suggested in a question to the developers regarding the recent patch.

Spokesperson CinnaomonFake said (paraphrasing him): SC had no plans to introduce the new upgrading roundel for older ships in near future…

Hope that helps…