Ejected from Battle [O]


I would like to know if other people like me are ejected from battle ?

I’m ejected more than once on every battle and there is  no lag… or when it had one, i’m ejected…

Anyone has an answer plz ??


since 9.3 i ve got more lag !


config : i7 2700K - win7 64 - nvidia GTX 560 TI

This has been happening alot lately, I believe it should have been hotfixed, but its still happening occasionally. Give it until next patch this week and see where it goes from there. Otherwise, please upload your log files that include times that its happened and we can try to look into it. 



Getting Ejected from game back to hangar


With no option to return to battle even if I login again.


Happens to a few in the corp also during our session.


Hard to grind credits this weekend if we can only idle in hangar.

Is this issue still occuring for you Kyryan?