Effectivity calculation at the end of battle (PVP/PVE)

Dear Sirs,


I believe that the effectivity result calculation is incorrect or at least extremely unfair.


I am attaching a screen-shot of a statistics report at the end of a PVP battle.


I (Kinzer) had 58 kills, 64 assists, 3 captures and got got an effectivity result of 2237, 19700 synergy and 290000 Credits and am ranked 3rd.

Player SacredPheonix had 28 kills, 20 assists, 3 captures and got an effectivity result of 4042. I assume he was also rewarded a lot more credits, but I can’t see that.


So he got twice the rewards than me with 1/3 of my achievements.

This is especially painful as I have a paid license an he does not.

I am a much more experienced (higher in rank) player as can be seen in the pilot stats.

It cost me a lot of work, time and money to get there.


I have the impression that a long term evaluation of the player performance is involved, and that is utterly unfair for the following reason:


As I go up un the ranks, I buy new ships and new equipment. 

Every time that happens, I need to go through a learning curve until I can use the new equipment effectively.

That translates into an increasing amount of lost battles, especially in T4 and up where not just the equipment, but also the scenarios become increasingly hard.


This effect should have no impact whatsoever in the evaluation of individual battle results and payouts!


Please kindly take this under consideration.


Best regards




You actually get a lot of points for destroying turrets. But they are not shown in kills or assists, that might explain why he got way more points than you, here is an example:


That’s the explaination for PvE


In PvP the explaination is simple as well, you get more points if you kill a captain/somebody close to a beacon. Captain kill gives 650 pts if you dealt a certain percentage of damage and beacon attacker gives 300. While a normal kill gives 150.

Also Buff/Debuff Assists only give 20 pts, but are also shown as Assists after the game.

So you can actually have dozens of kills and assists but still have low amount of points, another example:


[How to create bug reports](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25328-how-to-create-bug-reports/)