I just got a welding job. Eeeyyyy!


The following post contains the most awesome, inspirational stuff ever:




Congrats. Don’t burn or blind yourself.

Don’t burn your sausage!

Work safe!

I did some arc welding once as part of my engineering course at secondary school. It was really hard! Never done any of the other types of welding though, they might be easier…

arc/SMAW. do you mean the one were the stick/rod burns away?


mig/GMAW is somewhat easier. It’s where you have a sort of gun and pull the trigga and thin wire comes out. Having the settings right is pretty much the hardest part.


tig/GTAW is much, much harder. You got a torch with a tungsten electrode. The other hand holds a manual rod where you feed it in with your hand. One of your feet controls a remote pedal which controls the amount of amperage you use. My favorite.

Yeah the rod burns away which means you constantly have to compensate for height as well as moving it along.

i just tend to fall into the puddle to maintain the right arc length. Even when doing overhead. Still fall into the puddle. xD