ecm cooldowns

ecm cooldowns is too fast


its too overpowered


first stun enemy for 8 second so he cant shot


then stun him for 4 second when he try to run away and watch him crash into a rock


then take hes energy if he doesn’t crash, no way to heal or run or anything


usually its multiple ppl shoting you wich is where its overpowered as hell


if you get problems just press F and watch cooldowns go down and ready to use almost instantly


only Aces who cant fight and is scared to die uses this ship.


the cooldowns on each module is to low. it should be higher.


and when you use F, you can heal pretty good if there is healer around. it also stuns everyone around user for 2 seconds meaning the enemy team can attack them even more


its just


the worst ship i’ve ever seen in the entire game when it comes to team games, like 4v4 groups or bigger games, if there is a gunship or long range or anything shoting you, and a ecm comes around stunning you


then you are dead.


its the worst and most overpowered thing inside this game. it might be boring to use cause you wont get tonnes of kills with it. but you will barely Ever die and will most likely win ur matches. 


fix the cooldowns, otherwise this game is totally unbalanced. 

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