I remember reading somewhere in the game “[number] years after the first colonists left Earth”, and it had me thinking… what exactly happened to Earth? With all that I see in the game, my best guess is it is far away and was abandoned, destroyed, or is still inhabited and us as pilots have expanded into space for living (role-play wise). 


Will Earth’s story/status ever be mentioned or told in future role-play? Or is it too far into the future to care for Earth’s status/history?

Biomorphs/crisallids/aliens come from earth  :005j:

Remember. We ARE the Precursors. We as in just slightly in the future us right now. We gain a massive boost in technological knowledge, build an intelligent AI, it takes over, we abandon Earth and erase our past with tales of beauty and unity, then the AI awakens and sends out its minions, the aliens, to come hunt us down and take over the universe.