Early Levels. This Game is Bad. Oh and the Alt needs work

As I stated in another thread, this game takes way to long to level and in the early stages of reputation, this game is heavily unbalanced. Here are a few things i noticed.

  1. Interceptors are like gods. With their little F ability, if they get into trouble they just go 10,000 M or whatever it is away and heal up. They are also really hard to hit sometimes.

  2. Attack ships are pretty balanced early on. They do have the escape, but they cant get really far with it because of the time limit on it and they dont do an insanely low amount of damage.

  3. Frigates are very very underpowered early on. If you try to snipe with it, a single interceptor will just port all the way across the map to right infront of you and kill you in a couple of seconds. For a frigate they are very fragile it seems like and dont have much use to the team.

Now i hear there are things to shut down interceptors ability to run and what not and frigates can do tons of damage, but this is late game it seems like . Early game is hwere people need to be hooked and it is doing kinda poorly.

Also as a side not, i find it a bit stupid that when you push Alt, as things like interceptors and attack ships they can fire on the opposite direction of the cannons on the ship, as in they basically deify physics and fire at 90 degree angles. Frigates this is understandable, but not the others.

Thanks for your feedback, I also noticed that early leves need a little bit of improvement.

1)It is right the F ability is very usefull, but you also have to remind that the interceptor has a very week hull.

Perhaps it could help to increase the hull for fighters and frigates a little bit.

2)The time for stealth is limited and I think this is fine, if it was longer the attack ship would get to overpowered, because you could just stealth until the repair drones are active again and so on. For the damage I can say it is low for all T1 ships.

3)For frigate I agree it could need some more resistances, but it isnt week in damage. In sniper mode you can kill interceptors very easy on higher distances. Frigate only gets trouble if the interceptor comes to close and this is where teamplay starts.

It is right there are some special modules but they are not in end game, they already start in T2 and this is only 1 day of playing;)

For the 360° shot ability we have already started a discussion;)

the secret VS interceptors are rockets

getting the shields down is easy with plasma (if u cant hit them then practice )

then 1-2 missiles usualy do the trick and sends the F button to its Fing place .

invis early game is realy amazing and imho needs to be nerfed to about 10-15 seconds

20 seconds in this game is alot of time(200 MS X 20 sec = 4000m which is pretty far and allowes for some heavy ambushing and hiding)

frankly saying its balanced(early game wise) is like saying nukes are underpowered.

frigs can die quick early on because theyr slow BUT BUT BUT, they hit HARD.

if i can snipe most of the bot team with my laser in a T1 frig and get 10 kills on it alone then its obviously completly situational

it dies quick, so it needs escort (watch the bots at every starting wave) but it hits hard, so early on its a glass cannon which isnt that absurd.

as for t2 and up (oh god t3 Q_Q) frigs needs a major rebalance or atleast some kind of an effective counter beside nukes alldayerryday

early on this game can be tiresom because

A. bots can be cruel (aiming and duck hunting)

B.people youre matched with have triple the ships you have and exprience(ingame and skillwise)

C. you WILL probably lose a hell of alot more then you win

thing is about the above list is thats its all easily fixable when the game will go live and get more players

and as for C. practice makes perfect.