Eagle-B role bonuses

I have a question/suggestion to the Eagle-B.


After studying the bonuses given to other Ceptors in all 3 races, but especially looking at which golden ships did not get their role bonuses because of other nice features, I noticed, Covert Ops Energy Reduction for usage was not applied to the Eagle-B and the Blade of Aressa in the federation line - while the Blade has its nifty 10% damage to compensate, the eagle has only the upside of 2 shield modules instead of 1 hull 1 shield, which actually makes sense for its stats.


The Konquistador however offers Covert Ops role buffs again, making it more en par with the regular ship it represents (fine by me, great scouting vessel).


I think, giving the Eagle-B one of the bonuses (10% damage or better 20% CovOps energy reduction, like the Kite) might be still fair to that ship, even if it does outperform the Kite as a dogfighter (the kite has still always better energy and/or better speed) and might solve issues with its fitting possibilities (also something to increase energy regen through the engine slots in t3 would benefit fits a lot, which would also solve the Eagle-B’s energy recharge problems and basicly free it to being forced into some fits, without any changes, while still not rivaling the Kite in its most sacred duty)


Btw. I love that ship. Both. Fed Ceptors. All Ceptors. So yes, I am biased. :slight_smile:

eagle-b used to be my main t3 ship but now it’s merely a backup co in case my kite get destroyed in a capture the beacon. Right now the fact that it doesn’t have a cap or hull slot make it barely flyable. It’s going to need a damn good bonus to compensate for the huge lack of energy regen.

It would be enough if the covert ops would cost less energy. atm, as long as you don’t touch energy regeneration, you can make it an incredibly agile dogfighter, with various shield fits, double adaptive being the most risky and fun, and good speed. Less of a nuker, but I never used it as that.


So I don’t miss the hull. Yes maybe a Cap, but as I said, that could also be solved if you have some sort of cap recharge module for engine slots (maybe with some bad touch like some percent increased stun on ecm, so you need a proton wall to compensate if you overdo it). But such a thing would depend on the other ships too. The Eagle-B is stable around 51% cap, increasing the cap with one shield slot is possible, but you cannot use speed rigs which drain cap, of course.


The good news is, most of the time you rather watch your energy if you go solo, than your life. Eagle gets really strong if supported with shield recharge.

What I miss on Eagle-B is the Emergency Barrier, seriously… 


and sorry for the necro, but I damn hate that.

A lot of ships got that problem, covops really need an emergency barrier :confused: