Dynamic economy and asteroid mining

In my little experience of the game I noticed we need to explore a much to have new ressources. But when we will have all explore it could be a little bit boring. I have play X3:Albion Prelude wich use as many space games the system of the limited zone with portal. In this game, if you don’t know it, we can buy commercial spacecraft and send it in various factories to trade ressource to earn credits. On the same bases we could create an equivalent as it:


1-In the different sectors, we can find factories who give us some missions. The missions accomplished the factory’s director allow use to sell and buy ressources in is factory


2-We send a commercial spacecraft (rent for example to PNJs pilots, or based on a system which reward player who accept to drive this ships).


3-On the road the ships coud be attacked by anyone who want (Cartel, Alien or players).


4-If the ships still in one part all the road, we get the ships objectives (it depend what is the kind of trade, if you will buy resources or sell resources)


Another think: create an asteroids mining’s system. There is many asteroids why couldn’t we mine this? My idea is just frigats will can (the only one with the suffisant power and cargo) with exploding the asteroids with weapon and collect the shards.


please be aware that Star Conflict is neither X3 nor EVE nor Star Ciziten

But the game will be on its own, no copy of another game.


There will be more game modes being added as noted in the Dev Blog.

So enjoy the great game of Star Conflict, even if there are game modes which you miss

  1. No long pointless point a to point b missions.

  2. Pew pew pew pew

  3. That is all

please be aware that Star Conflict is neither X3 nor EVE nor Star Ciziten

But the game will be on its own, no copy of another game.


If by any chance you would be ANYWHERE close to what the devs think, we would not have Invasion in the first place.

Invasion stands in direct contradiction of what you are saying. It’s ok you have a personal opinion, but as a mod don’t make a rule out of it.


Is that normal here that forum mods respond as they would be developers themselves?

Also, gekaler, do you really have problems with people having suggestions in SUGGESTIONS subforum? Worst case, idea will be dismissed by the devs, but does this board not serve EXACTLY what OP is doing?


I, for example, would love if Invasion would turn into X:3, becasue you know what? Star Conflict is also a clone of many games, like Ace Online and there is nothing holding it back from becoming something more.

No one is shutting down PVP, you know… having simple yet great Star Conflict game mechanic to a big universe would be really cool.


Are T5 queues so thrilling you just don’t want to change them for “anything else ever”? Big eyeroll.