Dwarf 2 odd constant circular rotation?

Some games, about 2 out of 3 my Dwarf 2 begins the game rotating like someone is circling the mouse around its nose.  


It happens even when I’m not touching the keyboard or mouse.    

It continues while I am trying to steer and I have to guess where it’ll be pointing itself when I accelerate with F.  

Its infuriating.  


Is anyone else experiencing this?


Does anyone know a good program to capture a video for the devs?



i get this too. pretty sure it has to do with lag. if they want video ill dig through my broadcasts and find some footage. happends when i que with people across the pond

Belongs in the Beta Test Forums




Or you could just post your logs found in C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\StarConflict\logs

Pardon the incorrect forum I was looking for technical support and assumed the Beta Test forums were for a new version.  

If this is a beta test it is the most smooth and enjoyable one I’ve seen :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing me to the log.  

I’ll go have a good read of the stickies and re-post where it should be.  


I know my mate was saying he was lagging at the time but he didn’t have the rotating thing.