Durance Gaming reviews Star Conflict

Hi folks!

We’ve been playing Star Conflict for awhile now and we love it! Right now I’m trying to figure out a way to talk through our reviews without putting anyone to sleep so this is a quick, video review. xP


Also… seeing as how we count ourselves as fans, we were wondering:

  • With such a rich storyline, will there be a campaign mode? Single and/or co-op?

  • Adding the squad leader to the team deathmatch model was a unique twist. Likewise, the amount of lives available per pilot in regular matches being a player’s three current main ships was a cool idea. Even the little guard drones and the +20% capture rate on Interceptors adds a little something to beacon control matches. Will Star Conflict be adding their unique touch to other match modes like elimination, ffa, protect/attack escort, etc?

  • The AI matches were surprisingly fun and the increasing levels of difficulty for the 4 matches of each game kept us on our toes. Will there be more AI scenarios? Will there ever be turrets or anything like that on the space structures in game maps?

  • If/when you add an in-game voice chat, will you pretty please put a filter on it so our voice comes out all sweet and distorted sounding like a fighter pilot? =3

  • The comm chatter sound effects are really cool and actually helpful during matches. Can we get more? =P

Great job Star Conflict devss and thank you for helping to bring the space combat sim franchise back into the light with an actually GOOD space shooter. =D