Duplicate destroyer turrets

Can you allow the plasma and blaster turrets to be placed in pairs? Lopsided Invincible absolutely triggers my OCD.

2 Plasmas, 2 Blasters, 1 Plasma and 1 Blaster, but a maximum of 2 auto turrets in total.



Also, um, it’s been many months and the plasma turret is still only shooting out of one of two cannons. (Purely visual, but oh my god my OCD is screaming)

hahahah i have the same problem, i have added it for review.

24 minutes ago, ORCA1911 said:

hahahah i have the same problem, i have added it for review.

Thank you so much, it’s been driving my crazy.

I want to get the Invincible, but I know I will be driven mad because of the lopsidedness. Is there any logical way to fix it? It just seems rediculous that your left side would shoot missiles, and your right side would shoot a pyro beam, for example. It just feels like very very bad design that you MUST fly a particular direction to face the right module, unlike the top/bottom types which just require a pitch or roll adjustment and not a complete direction change or flying at a really awkward angle compared to the established horizon

Yeah - give us a little more freedom in headgears - haha

I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t see why other weapons can’t be doubled up too?

Why not two pyro beams, or two missile batteries? Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Though, maybe there should be a 15 second shared cooldown.

Two pyro beams, I’ll finally be able to outfit the Invincible like a destroyer from Homeworld 1

Yea i’ve made a suggestions about it when dessy came out but it wasn’t take in matter. +1 for this, by seeing how op are all new ship I don’t think that will hurt

My brain just made me picture the possibility of 4 pyro emitters on a tyrant (since theres a socket on each face of the ship)


just… oh my goodness


Quad photon emiter, oh god the EM damage boost per sec

4 Tempest Launchers, nothing worth adding here.

You people think too small. I want each normal weapon hardpoint to be a blaster turret and then each special weapon hardpoint to have a cube on it with 5 blaster turrets each.

Why stop at 5? Amirite?

You can’t put a gun on the sixth side that is where it attaches to the destroyer, that would be crazy.


Actually that brings up an idea, instead of the active making it fire faster, why not have it deploy as a drone or a stationary gun?