Dual Monitor Incorrect Resolution

I’m having an issue with my nvidia system with dual monitors. The game is trying to display at resolution of both monitors combined with a window the size of the first monitor. I’d rather have it display the resolution of the first monitor. How can I force a wanted resolution and can this be fixed for dual monitor systems on Linux?

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Should be fixed - we’ve installed hotfix.Do you still experience this problem?

In the version the bug is still there.


Anyway, I found an ugly workaround: automatically disable unused monitor when the game starts and re-enable it on exit with xrand.

For those who want to try:

  • * Right-click on the game under the Library in Steam and select Properties.

I hope that soon we will have a multi-monitor management as one of the Velve titles (the game starts on the primary monitor and the other can be used for other things like browsing).