how about an ability to leave ships in drydock, as it is once you buy a medium and/or heavy you have to take all the ships into combat. wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave ships out so even if you have a few different sized ships that you could go into combat with just one. so ahead of time you can say to yourself, win or lose at least i can keep my reapir costs down. it would probably keep some players that only run a light craft to get others and allow them to slowly build them before they take them into combat.

yes put the problem is, which have been discussed many times before, that you is weakens the team.

better than not ever buying any mediums or heavies and just using 1 ship type, i have seen several players with just a t2 or t3 light, and i cant blame them, 25-40/50% of the time if i cant win with just the light i lose. if i have to go to the others or just start with them someone has a suped med and just shuts my systems down and destroys me.