Drone death

They just die from everything…


I get why a missile with aoe would kill them, or a mine field.


But an ion beam ? i see how i would turn them off, but killing them with ecm modules? its both kinda stupid, and also werry op.


If you want them to die from Everything, then the cooldown needs to be reduced.


Annyorne else think this drones dying from everything is kinda dumb? or maby someone has a better way of fixing this?

I dont fly FED frigates, but I can feel your pain. Personally they need to be buffed and/or add additional feature (Like Hull repair or a federation mass invisibility cloak or something). But in the future they should be buffed up.

Plenty of threads about fed frigates and their drones. Please reply on one of those.

im fine just here, thanks annyway tho :slight_smile:

Only reason I said that was to stop devs from having to moderate 7 threads on the same issue. Either way I agree with OP.

point taken :slight_smile: