Dreadnoughts Art Contest


Pilots, we are launching a Dreadnought Art contest, where you can show your creative side and as well win 3000 Galactic Standards.


Any mercenary can participate! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Draw a picture with any Dreadnought at any location;

  2. Take a picture of an ongoing work progress;

  3. Upload pictures to the comments of the Facebook post with a description “Dreadnought Art”.

  4. Add your in-game Name and Corporation (second one is optional).


P.S. All content should be drawn from a scratch and should be original. You are allowed to use graphic programms, ie Photoshop, etc.


Warning! By uploading a picture to the fan art album, user agrees that all copy rights for uploaded content are reserved by Star Conflict Team.
Good luck, mercenaries!