Dreadnoughts and Arms Race

Starting from today corporations are now able to build Dreadnoughts.




In order to build such ships you would require a lot of Iridium and time, of course.


ECN is announcing an arms race.

Your corporation’s aim — is to be the first one to build a Dreadnought! By the end of this competition, the best corporations are going to get their well-deserved rewards. Corporations can take part in the arms race at any time, however it should be before the results are announced. Anybody could win, therefore, start building now!


Winners will be chosen by the following criteria:

  • Centre will calculate the time Corporations spent on Dreadnought construction.

  • The award will be given to those who spent the least time on building

  • It does not matter when the construction was started. The most important thing is to finish Dreadnought construction before the 4th phase ends. After which, results will be summarised and winners will be determined.

Details on the number of prizes and award lists will be announced later.

Starting with second stage we will publish the top 10 corporations, that were the fastest to complete the stage of construction. Follow the news!

Construction stages of Dreadnoughts


At the moment, the construction of the ship is divided into 4 stages:

Stage**  1**: Construction of the dock.

Cost — 5000 Iridium

Stage**  2**: Installation of the interdimensional warp accelerator.

Cost — 15,000 Iridium

Stage**  3**: Control system installation.

Cost — 20,000 Iridium

Stage 4 : Construction completion and weaponry mounting.

Cost — 25,000 Iridium


Each Stage takes 7 days to complete, however, impatient players can use boosts. Any pilot of the Corporation may boost the construction stage with additional infusion of Iridium.


Note: Iridium will be required at all of the stages of the construction process! Spend wisely! And remember to top up the Corporate bank.


Where to obtain Iridium:

Iridium (previously — artifacts) is available in PvP, PvE and Attacked Sectors, i.e. wherever it was possible to obtain artifacts.

Complete new faction assignments, which will allow you to earn Iridium directly for your corporation.




The first stage is the construction of the dock, worth 5000 Iridium. Construction might take from few days to a week.


Construction of the dock can be accelerated. Maximum contribution is 20 times higher than the cost of the construction, and can reduce total construction time by 25%. Each new unit of Iridium invested gives a smaller than previous boost to building speed.

Regardless, the next stage of the construction will be available only the following week. After the completion of all the stages, the first corporations will get their Dreadnoughts and will be able to go and invade sectors. We, as Developers are trying to make it fair for everyone, therefore chances are equal and no favors are given!


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Top - 10 Corporations for the Stage 2




  2. RED Star

  3. Star Storm

  4. VIP



  7. Rage

  8. CCCP

  9. ACC A WAR


Top - 10 Corporations for the Stage 3



  2. RED Star

  3. Star Storm


  5. VIP

  6. Rage


  8. CCCP

  9. ACC A WAR