Apparently it’s a ship-carrier corporations buy.


But how will it work or fit in with how the game is played? Anyone with theories - ideas ?



It will probably never work as the game will be pulled before it gets released as they are destroying the player base as quickly as possible !

i think here is the other one 


Where did you find that pictures? And what about Jericho? I would like to see this ships in battle but I guess current maps arent big enough to have that kind of ships.

These are the same dreadnaughts featured in the PvE scenarios. And most likely the main menu is set inside a dreadnaught hangar.


Given the scale of these dreadnaughts, I have a hard time believing they will be player pilotable. I foresee them being stationary bases from which corp pilots launch and have the goal of destroying. I can imagine pilots being able to control the turrets if they choose, but I can’t see something that big being player controlled.


That’s not to say I don’t want to see it be player pilotable, but given the way things have been implemented thus far, I don’t see it happening.


Also, the pictures are from the concept artist’s deviantart page.

Me neither, but it would be cool. I’ve played Battlestar Galactica Online and the size between small ships and big ships is a lot, the maps, of are huge, it could be pilotable but you would hardly see your enemies if they were far from you, so your weapons should attack automatically and maybe the ship could have a weapon as ship module. 


Well that’s far from the current game but, Idk, I like the idea of bigger ships. 

My theory: the Dreadnought is the only way a corporation can field the entire side with their own pilots (12 players)


The ship itself will have a bonus to Sector Conquest points and


Combat Reconnaissance game mode is the test bed for it, where Dreadnoughts will always be the captain when it does come out


So when a corporation launches a Sector Conquest match, game mode will be combat recon


But if this is true, balanced match making might be a problem or


it might not since the bloody thing is so big even 12 people cannot stop every single rocket and nuke spam. LRF might find a niche role too …

It could function similar to the Leviathan in UT. One player(since dreads are meant to be tied with the corp buying them this is automatically the guild leader?(new question: the 3k gold you pay when creating a guild is actually the price of dreadnought that is NYI yet? So dread=the guild, falls in battle guild disbands)) pilots the vessel and is responsible for deploy and usage of the vessel’s Bfg(could be something like Battlecruiser’s Yamato Cannon in Starcraft), other players operate turrets.


To add some more depth into it there can be different positions inside the vessel other than turrets. Like:

Command: Master of the ship responsible for commanding the whole effort. Can engage Warp drive when ready, steers the ship, does the fun part with firing the bfg.

Navigation: Has access to a 3D strategic map ala Homeworld. Basically the ‘sonar’ position is responsible for pinging enemies with a periodic scan, designating targets, 

Management: The player here controls power input on shield/engine/weapon out of a preset pool. Operates drones(drones could come in various types: Repair, Spy, Shielding, Scavenge) and for doing something fun(aka actually participating in the battle) is responsible for launching torpedo/missiles(dread has lesser number of missile battery turret than other type, this number is small so it can be operated by 1 person.)

Hangar: Pilots(guild members that are not designated for operating inside the dreadnought) launch from here into battle using whatever craft they want to fly. During battle you can return here for rearming and repair(hereby i propose int and fighter ships being able to lose parts that cant be repaired in the field ala Freelancer. Fe. you can lose one of your wings and the weapons attached on with it(you’d still have the weapon item as long you dont lose both wings). Frigates should be able losing engine, hull breach on reactor neutralizing energy regen etc.)


Those compartments inside the dreadnought ideas pasta from a StarcraftII custom map called ‘Cruiser Command’. It has some more details ive passed here.

And of course the dread should have ‘hardpoints’ like in Empire at War. Actually losing turrets is already in PvE scenario on the damaged dread.


And then there could be 1v1 and team mode for guild battles. In team mode each side has 6 dreads(6 full guilds per side) in a huge map with 2 capital bases. There would be 3 navigation lines drawn with beacons between this 2 base. Having control over those beacons would create flyable area for small ships waiting inside hangar(you cant launch in deepspace). Those beacons are linked to each other so you need to capture them one after another(kinda like Onslaught mode in UT). For destroying the enemy capital base you need to take down anti-capitalship emplacements around it first, hereby you require the aid of smaller craft against it, requiring you to draw a line towards enemy base. Then you need to punch on the main building so long that they open the power core for overloading their shields, thats the moment when smaller craft delivers the EMP bombs into the now exposed reactor. With each EMP detonating shield goes down, fully worn off base is open for being finished with Bfgs on dreads. Also there will be a shitton of bots participating in the battle just as a line has been drawn(AI bases launching craft for defense/assisting with offensive) This team mode would be more of a open world type of long-term game rather because the goals cant be achieved in just a few hours. It would take weeks or  even a month for achieving the goal. Oh and the bases should have a drydock for rebuilding dreadnoughts at astronomic prices that is discounted the more effort the guild has shown in battle.


One for sure this type of gameplay cant be pugged, all would required to have Voicecomm and a capable level of intelligence. But who wouldnt want guildvsguild battles this awesome ? Well one can dream ;D