Dreadnought Daily Mission

I was thinking that this would a somewhat fun idea for an open space daily. 


So, if your corporation has a dreadnought, the CEO, VPs, or officers would take turns (in a regular rotation) parking the corp’s dreadnought in a certain sector (a sector in which the corp owns) or park it in the corporate shipyard. Means of warping would be either the warp gates or give dreadnoughts the ability for interstellar travel (referencing the “Interstellar travel is impossible on standard thrusters” message when you reach the edge of the map), something along the lines of a warp-speed module, much like a recon microwarp. 


I thought this would be a fun idea seeing as there’s no real way to pilot a dreadnought, and I myself wanting to see something like this in-game, as I’d have a lot of fun doing so.


Not saying this should be considered right now, as I’m sure there’s already more ideas and such being given towards dreadnoughts now, but I just thought I should put this idea out there.



What do you all think? Yay or nay?