Dreadnought Build can not be stopped? Really Developers?

Hello Developers,

we are a new german corporation, and are building the Dreadnought actually. We want to play T3, and are building the weapons.

Unfortunatelly there is NO EXPLANATION, and NO INFO how to do this in the hangar.

I klicked the button “Upgrade” only to see what i can do with the plasmaturret (i thought Mark 1 to MArk 2), and now it get a upgrade for 25.000 Iridium to T4, which we dont want to fly (only T3).

I asked the support, and Michael said there is no way to cancel the startet upgrade. REALLY DEVELOPERS?


  • NO INFO WHAT HAPPENS by leftklick on upgrades


  • AND NO WAY BACK by support or developers?


Please guys, contakt me and cancel the started T4 Upgrade we never need. We want to play the dreadnought, and want to finish it fast. This throws us back for WEEKS.

Thank you, that you can do this for a small german corporation.


Wbr Lone


Even if the dreanought uses T4 equipment it can still participate in T3 battles. It just means that the dreadnought can participate in T4 battles as well. Unfortunately however there is no way to cancel an upgrade once it has begun, all you can do is fund the construction as quick as you can and wait out the build time.

Well, our situation is even worse. Dreadnought is fully upgraded. Imagine sitting on 50k Iridium cap, but corporate Iridium still will not go to your own account, when that amount is capped…

And yes, there should be RECALL or RESET option.

I’m CEO, started a corporation, playing a lot time, 70 days in game since february, helping memberes to grow up their accounts (including collecting Neodium an dBeryllium),

i bought all premium ships (Fleetstrength 210)…and banked a lot of money.

So let’s see what this is worth for SC.

Many of my mates are hot to play dreadnought, and cant await to get it finished.

This would be really disappointing if they do not help here. I dont believe that they cant cancel this.

we also fucked up with an upgrade back then…just play T3 meanwhile.

On 7/8/2016 at 9:45 AM, _Lonewolf_ said:

Unfortunatelly there is NO EXPLANATION, and NO INFO how to do this in the hangar.

This is a unique feature about the game in general, not just dread building.

We’re trying to add additional information windows everywhere where it’s necessary. Seems like a nice way, without total interface rework.