Dreadnought Battle / Sector Conquest Dreadnought should be allowed to change!




Dreadnought Battle, otherwise also known as Sector Conquest, should have the ability to change corporation’s Dreadnought.

Corporate Iridium should be used to change its type and appearance and perks, along with Tiers - III, IV, V.


There’s a problem with Nemesis, most people realized that it’s not up to the task when competing with Maelstrom.

As a result, some corporations have begun to fragment even more. This is unnecessary and should be rectified as quickly as possible.


Corporate Iridium spent: (Maelstrom, Liberator, Nemesis)

  • Tier III Dreadnought change cost -  10000 Corporate Iridium
  • Tier IV Dreadnought change cost - 15000 Corporate Iridium
  • Tier V Dreadnought change cost -  30000 Corporate Iridium



You can only change the Dreadnought if there is no ongoing research going in your Shipyard.

You will get the same module setup, including researched ones when you change the Dreadnought type.

You can only change the Dreadnought if no sector is currently being contested.

Your Dreadnought must be docked in your Corporate Shipyard.


Cooldown time between each Dreadnought change is 28 days. Prices are never higher, they remain the same.



We got three different types of Dreadnoughts, a single one for each faction that all have their own perks - advantages and weaknesses.


Empire - Maelstrom:


Federation - Liberator:


Jericho - Nemesis:




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[Koromac] [SRS]

+1 Though I would like to see more setup variations for the dreads with more modules and weapons.

Koromac apnu brodyagu Kappa

Or rework them so they don’t have modules so packet near each other. Nemesis specifically is in dire need of changing spawn point. Its completely exposed.

Proposal support. It was also discussed repeatedly at the Russian-speaking forum. We did not wait for a response from the developers with due attention to this problem. Because of this, the composition of our Corporation has changed many times - players tormented for a while do not want to “suffer” on the obviously weaker dreadnought and go to other corporations. Those players for whom The Sector Conquest in the current state is not important - remain, but when their friends leave, interest in the game weakens. And then there are two options-either go to the same place where friends went, or look for other projects for entertainment. Unfortunately, many people choose the second option. (Sorry-translated by Google translator)


Предложение поддерживаю. Оно также обсуждалось неоднократно на русскоязычном форуме. Ответа разработчиков с должным вниманием к этой проблеме мы так и не дождались. Из за этого состав нашей корпорации менялся уже много раз - игроки помучившись какое то время не хотят больше “страдать” на заведомо более слабом дредноуте и уходят в другие корпорации. Те игроки, для которых Битва за Сектор в текущем состоянии не важен - остаются, но когда их друзья уходят, интерес к игре ослабевает. И тут остается два варианта - либо идти туда же, куда ушли друзья, либо искать для развлечения другие проекты. К сожалению очень многие выбирают второй вариант.


On 7/1/2018 at 7:38 PM, VOL4ONOK_ANGER said:

Koromac apnu brodyagu Kappa

Ja, vem, da me razumeš. Hvala ti za osebno podporo!

Link to the Russian Forum, as requested.





Voted ‘no’ because there will be only Maelstroms in Sector Conquest.

I voted yes, but only because I want corps to be able to experience all unique dreadnought designs.


The Nemesis should however get a slight rework to keep it competetive.


Maelstrom only would get boring soon.

Russian forum got quite a debate on this proposal.