Dread Sub-Forum

there should be one, & there should be a place that shows the basic specs of each, (before module installation, like the fleet ship tree), rather than just a general description, also I’d like to know how a dreads’ home faction/hangar is determined…

Not basic … detailed specification for every dread, its systems with images, point system. It is very important for new players and corps! There are couple of posts written by pilots (great job) but some of them are outdated and far from complete. We need complete official guide - tutorial and with maths behind.

Probably it would be useful. But it requires resources, i need to discuss it.

Yes, pls. Detailed in-game info page for dreads just like for any other ship. Survivability of turrets, modules and drone ships, damage of drone ships, etc. And a game lesson video would help a lot.


P.S. This doesn’t really belong here but if a ship is inside a dread’s shield it should not be taken out so easily by snipers from 10K m away.

thanks Doom…

And a game lesson video would help a lot.

Good idea

Good idea

I know. And instead of explaining dreads over and over again to my corplings I could just refer to a nice video with a link.

Explained in detail in style like this:


https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20483-developers-blog-from-july-10th-damage-resistance/   (good work)


With images of systems and subsystems.