Dread battle bugs

  • Wrong dread (jeri instead of fed)

  • Kicked out from tourney

  • Did’t take the sector even if we take it down to 0%

Unfortunately I just have the second logs.

In the last 2 days we lost 3x1600 iridium where we was not able to play for the sector. 

[log_2.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9871)

So far I saw this behaviour and I noted to myself:


Problem A seems to occur, since the attack seems to use the same FIFO queue system like the defense does, so stacking up teams from the top, which it should not.

You sign up to battle, you get put into space of other corp, after each other. You even get their dreadnought, etc.

In pseudocode-speech: by logic attackers use dictionary/fixed array, defense use a list. atm. both seem to use a list, before 120 both used a fixed array.

the list should only be built in the end when defense is up to queue, and reordered with corporation positions updated.


Problem B seems to be directly concluded through Problem A, where the mm after battle seems not to know, that the attackers were put in the wrong spot, so attacked keep the sector even when it should be a tournament or clear victor, if they happen to be in the wrong spot. It is very likely that Problem B is only a problem because of A.


Problem C is when the battle (server) instance itself crashes or times out, and the results are interpreted incorrectly in the aftermath, or other party bugs. This happens during the Tournaments. It seems the node managing the instances need better error solving, like finding another server if one stays unavailable, or if possible resync the match at crashpoint, and also party state should be resynced from time to time. But only after the battle could not finish in time resolve it with a coin, atm. any unknown error just throws one wing out, sometimes both.

These bugs are quite irritating. Many corps (not just us, as SRS also was viewed as not showing up in the first video) are getting cheated out of games and possibly sectors because of these game-breaking bugs.


I can understand these bugs being present in the first few days after a patch, but 2 weeks later is a bit ridiculous. When you implement such a large patch with so many changes, you should have your dev teams ready to fix whatever problems appear as soon as possible. Having done some game coding myself, I know for a fact that it doesn’t take 2 weeks to fix bugs (unless of course you are lazy or too busy working on something else). Either way, bugs such as this should be placed on top priority. I’m just a little pissed that it appears that the devs are caring more about their next patch (which includes a lot of changes that are not necessary) than fixing the bugs presented in the last one.