Dradnought battles as a Single Player

Patch Note:

Independent pilots are added to incomplete corporation teams

They can only be added to teams if there’s space

1.I was with one other Random Player vs an 7Man Wing DNO and 2 Days ago i had an 1vs2

2.Not Defending/Attacking for a Corp which is not showing up

3.Nothing special just going into dread as a single player


5.2 Times

6.https://youtu.be/lMdvTqAGm9g?t=3m49s and https://youtu.be/tkWfClhwipg

7.see 10



10.Time GMT+1 1900

Is it repeated now? 

No i dont have played Sector Conquest the last Time, school had started at Tuesday for me.

Tested today and it looked like such bugs only happens when there are not enought random player in the queue. Got today a 7randoms vs 6manwing+2randoms (7rran teams won).