Downloading Speed

So I’m downloading SC for a guy at my school cuz he has a data plan and doesn’t wanna run out while I have unlimited data plan. I am using broadband comcast. i use wireless router.


I downloaded the launcher off of the SC official website so he can use the standalone. 


The thing is that my download speed is wonky. It would go from .5mb/s to 10 bits per second then randomly spike to .9mb/s. but normally it would just go from .5 to a couple bits slowly and repeat.


could someone explain why?


you dont need to download. just copy the star conflict folder in you C:\Program Files\ Star conflict folder & give hi, you can cut the screenshot folder if want

he paste it in his pc c:\program file… 

then right click on the “launcher.exe” inside star conflict folder & send shortcut to desktop or start manu. you’re done.


With steam he needs to download like 174mb file. its also easy

But originally I downloaded the steam version.

okay, in steam

find the “star conflict” folder & give him :stuck_out_tongue: or if you can give the SteamApp folder (cut other games than SC if installed in it)

if i remember it is in C:\program file \steam \SteamApp \ common \ Star conflict


  • install steam & run it to update it
  • then manually make the folder path & paste “star conflict” folder in “common” folder (check it in ur pc & tell him path or copy the path into a .txt file)
  • done. then select game in steam to install. It’ll verify the data you pasted. (not sure if he still needs to download 174 mb data) 
  • Enjoy