Double edged modules/items.



I was wondering if a dev or a gm could answer a question for me.

Some modules have both a positive and negative effect.

Let’s use galvanized armor as an example.

It gives +all hull resists but at the cost of rotation speed.

Mk1 has a penalty of 16.7% and mk3 has 20.6% .

Shouldn’t the better MK modules and items negative effect get smaller and not bigger…

The mk1 module should have a penalty of 20.6%, and the mk3 should have a 16.7%?

Just a thought I had.


Regards: Hefty

Yes, but if you make that the negative effect gets smaller, the possitive effect should not scale that high imo.

The higher the quality, the more specialized the module becomes. 

I’m somewhat in agreement with the OP. I too find it annoying to see the penalty increase, as it makes balancing your exact fit a little tricky. A few times it has dropped certain values below an acceptable point as I upgraded the equipment on a ship.