Dot have money to rent a Voice Server ?

Use Raidcall !


Raidcall is a free Voice Communication Tool similar to Teamspeak , Ventrilo and Mumble .


Raidcall is group Based , you’ll create a group for you or your Clan/Corp and you can create Channel , Sub channel and everything you know from Teamspeak !


The Programm and everything else is FREE you dont have to pay to create a Group nor create channel and on top the Voice Quality is way Better than in Teamspeak .



Each group you create (3 maximum ) has i think a maximum of 10,000 Slots to use , to share your group you always will receive a Unique ID which you can share to invite your friends or even host a complete clan on Raidcall 



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I know right raidcall is the best. Problem is getting people on, keeping an environment where people are confortable, having a drama free place, where people can feel safe (we dont have that problem). Hosting a group or server or anything for people around the world, well is not a pass time thing, its something that takes work, diligence, effort, and time. So be sure to think twice befor wasting raidcall resources (open ware).

Talking from experience, hosting the community Teamspeak where rival corporations actively live side by side: I disagree.


Yes, there is work involved- but all it takes is a bit of organisation and planning. Beyond that, you blow the effort completely out of any and all proportion. Given that I have hosting/server management and interaction with other corporations rather than just my own added to your ‘woes’ I cannot relate to your message whatsoever.

I personally feel would fit better as a raidcall group. personal opinion anyways.


the IRC thing on raidcall feels, looks and works better than teamspeak’s. peeps in one of my other clans use it just for that even. most don’t do voice but instead get on raidcall for text chats.


and built in music streaming feature… pure win. Would never have found Serbian Acid Punk Death Metal otherwise. Or Indian rap loooool.


Suggested it to Tealc when I joined up with Steel Marauders but he wasn’t in favour because TS is the more secure between the two. So if security is essential for a voice group, then maybe. But as far as SCon goes and casual or even public voice comms I don’t think it’s a deal breaker… If you haven’t tried it I highly recommend taking a look at Raidcall. Did a group review a while back on mumble, vent, TS, raidcall and another obscure one … raidcall came out 1st choice for alot of people.

I prefer the bandwidth use and quality of TS, personally. And the management features, but this is meaningless to the average user.

We currently use RaidCall, and find it works quite well. I’ve run many a TeamSpeak server before, and I almost prefer RaidCall over TS. The one thing that I like that TS has over RC is the ability to set different User Levels. For instance on TS we use to have Recruit/Member (same rights), Squad Leader (access to 1 other channel), Officers (access to separate channel only for them), and Allies (same rights as Members except can’t change channel names, etc…). Where as RC only has Guest, Member, and Admin, but I can live with that.

As long as you have a PC with a nice internet connection you can host a teamspeak server on your computer. Its free and you have full control.


I used raidcall for a while when i was in Alpha and i found to be a buggy software; the audio quality wasn’t good and it felt like a bad software overall (free is free, you know)

Another thing that comes in play is server traffic. Raidcall is free so i’m assuming their servers see a lot of traffic and there might be times when it has hiccups… you will never experience this on a quality teamspeak/ventrillo server

I’m very biased, running Teamspeak on a powerful dedicated server has been very useful. I had the server anyway, so it was a logical step.

I’m very pleased with the footprint TS uses, the only part that’s quite heavy duty (for the size Teamspeak we run at the moment, anyway) is bandwidth use. That gets kind of insane. (We’re talking multiple terabytes currently)