doomsday missile & drones for tackler

wtf is needed to build the doomsday missile? also i was able to equip drones instead of missiles on my Bear but now i cant seem to find a way to make/buy them.

Doomsday Missile requires a blueprint in addition to its materials, Drones don’t and require Monocrystals and Computing Chips.

thank you. i have the bp for the missile i just have no idea what is needed for them.would be nice to right click and show the bill of materials

If you hover your mouse over the blueprint it tells you the components.

hmm i see now. and for the monochips, are those the alien monochips? and where is the best place to get the computing chips? safe or risky space?

you can’t use credits to reload them

Computing chips can be found anywhere, both in crafted and raw forms (crystal shards).


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