Donating extra resources

Can we please have the option to donate resources to friends or rookie corp members?


There are lots of cases where veteran players would like to help young corp members with different resources, like:


  1. purple experience. It makes no sense to stay capped at 5.000.000 points, not building any new ships, not upgrading any cause you feel fine with the ones you have now, and having the inbox bombarded with 3 emails for every battle ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) It would be nice to be able to donate all or, at least, a part to corp members, to help them level up their ships. I guess transferring 10% ( a week/month) wouldn’t hurt anyone, and wouldn’t change the balance;


  1. credits: about the same. Vets staying at 350 mil to 400 mil, not being able to help new members develop. Spending that kind of money on seed-chip changes is still not an option, because some hate these chips and don’t bother using them. So basically there’s nothing to spend the credits on, and you can’t donate them either ![:(](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/003j.png “:(”)


Just my 2 cents!



for credits, only way i know is to go in open space with your mate, shoot asteroids  to get max 5 loots (heat them about 70/80%) and let him take all. with this way you can give them about 10 millions in 30min, among other things …:slight_smile:

or go farm fire support or defense contract lvl 35 or 41, with strong power (about 120) mate, in a team of 4, and farm . For credits, advise youg members to take a premium ship, if they have (+50% credits) or a ship to lvl it up with synergy. They just need to hide :).

good game:)

Me and a few others came up with an idea to change the “destroy” option in mail to “distribute” where clicking that in mail would just send off that letter to a random corpie, and in the event of no Corp just a random player active in the last 30 days.