Domination - losing points

Again with a game mechanic. A simple one at that. I’d like to ask you, Devs, why on Earth both teams are slooowly loosing points even if one side controls all the beacons?


Your team may be losing 35 to 1 and then by miracle you managed to secure all three points. Just keep them safe and victory is yours, right? Nope. Your score will slowly drop to 0 and then your team will lose. WHY? All the enemy has to do is lemming one point and cap it for like 5 seconds maybe? Or 10? Probably less than 10. Why are points dropping on their own accord just like that for no reason?


If one team goes all “last stand heroes”, then let them have it. Players are supposed to fight the opposing team, not game mechanics. It’s hard enough to protect 3 points at once as it is, no need to make it worse.


Side note: It is impossible to win with 100 points left due to this, just pointing out.


Thanks for reading.

Points go down from kills as well.

Points go down from kills as well.


Yep, I warp crashed in the beginning and the score was 99:100.

Kinda strange mechanic in a Domination game mode… It’s one kill = one point or what?

Yes. Each ship killed costs a point. In addition, there is the point reduction over time from captured beacons.