Does the loot depend on the ship, I am flying



I was flying my Tormentor Guard Frigatte in Service Shop in the federation sector, and I was very happy farming a little graphite and lots of osmium. So later I came back with my Spartacus Commando ship and I was the opposite of happy, because I didnt find and graphite and Osmium anymore. I farmed quite alot, to be sure. So later that evening I came back with my Tormentor and all of a sudden I farmed loads of osmium with ease (no graphite though).


Does the Loot depend on the ship, I am flying?

NO, as far as I know at least. I had the same feeling, though, at the beginning of my career in open space. I think there are times (hours, days) when loot is better. But this could come from the lack of other players who would take the good loot. Also, the game handles multiple instances so it might be another reason. And another theory of mine is that the system generates loot and rewards for every players individually. So, there might be a limit that you can farm within an hour, a day, a week, etc. Nothing is for sure about this of course.

No, not at all

RNG my friend, RNG…

When Im exploring sector usually Im picking up good stuff from asteroids twice - about 6-8 graphites ( in this case tier 10 red sector), third time its 100 credits mostly. So Im moving to another sector. For me open space is the best part of SC and there is still more place to improve & develope invasion mode.

Loot depends on where you fly and what minerals/containers you pick up. Dangerous sectors tend to contain better loot than non-dangerous ones, and valuable minerals tend to drop better loot than large minerals or other minerals (unless they drop the stupid 100 credits).

It seems like the RNG really wasnt my random friend that day. I tried it again, and I could see, that it doesnt depend on the type of ship. From what I have seen, it might be possible, that the amount of farming has an effect on the loot, but my current experience isnt statistically relevant. Need to farm more