Does anyone remember that guy who thinks that all of BlM are bots?

Does anyone remember apolocreed? That guy from Hermandad del Acero [XRIPX] who thinks that Black Mark [BlM] is a corporation full of bots and then proceeded to link pictures discrediting his own argument? [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/38740-illegal-use-of-bots/&tab=comments#comment-434888)Well, I found him in Open Space in a destroyer AFK farming, not using a bot, but still ironic given the circumstance… I killed his Ze’Ta in an Executor (when I started shooting he wasn’t afk anymore). He got really mad, came back, and died again… now he wants war against my corp but doesn’t even have the guts to fight me in a custom match on any ship he wants… oof

He implies that his alliance will make such a big issue to my corp that we won’t ever forget them, but yet we kill like 300 players per day in OS and can’t remember any of their names unless its one of our friends or someone actually good that we see frequently like HemitM on Wolfhound or IIoKeMoHbl4 on Tai’Kin we even had several OS wars against ETHER and yet the only name we can recall is VAVILON5 because he’s the one who declared. Also I think due to my latest video, he thinks that ComwpODG and I are the same person because ComwpODG was featured in the video.

I’m posting this more of as a way of calling him out than anything else. He keeps talking smack, but won’t even fight me again. Come fight me, you bean! If you win, I will pay you 500 gs, if I win stop saying you’re so good.

also he put me on ignored so I can’t just ask him in game to fight, he keeps saying no anyway though


Doesn’t ring a bell