Disintegrator VS Singularity Cannon

Seeing as these two weapons seem intended to be the most powerful in the game, at least from the damage output I can tell in my measly tier two ships, I’m not sure how it’s balanced that one can work all afternoon to land a 5K hit with the disintegrator, probably not see the day where the enemy ship actually dies because it needs to be followed up with 3 or 4 more shots, or_ _use a singularity cannon and do the same damage in one or two hits with comparatively little effort.


Something needs to be done about this. Either nerf the singularity cannon or buff the disintegrator so that it’s actually useful.

Aside from nukes and anomaly generator, I think Jericho’s LRF has the highest damage per hit.  The sad thing is, it needs buffed.  As for the disintegrator, a mix of increased damage, but limiting to maybe 90% of target ship’s strength would work.  It’s strength does increase as the rank goes up.  One shot kills aren’t fair when you’re just finding a stalled interceptor.


I tried the empire LRF yesterday for the first time.  I only played four or five matches with it, yet I got several kills with it.  I even took out a couple engineers.  You just need to practice with the delay and finding the right target.

The disintegrator does not need to be buffed up at all. I like jrisom’s idea, although I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, since it would have to calculate the target ship’s strength on the run.

If they can calculate damage based on resist modules and implants, limiting it to 90% of maximum strength should be easy.  If your shields are half down you’re fair game.  The LRF should still be able to kill.