Discussion: Announce. Star Conflict patch


This week you should expect some stunning changes! After working so hard we were able to present you the mighty Dreadnoughts. However, we had missed some important points and would like to fix that in this patch.

Just today it was announced that biomorphs infected technological development of the Parties of the conflict. All of your armory is now infected with a mysterious alien plague, which is dangerous for you! Engineers are trying to find a cure for it, but it takes time. There is a theory however, that vaccine could be developed, but it would require your help and professional pilot skills. Everything is in your claws!

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I must say, all my respect is yours guys. I can imagine all the ‘crab’ you get from players every day. So, thank you for this great game. :fed012:

These are excellent changes, I’m going to check out the tacklers now!

Well then… it appears my ships now have pincers

The sarcasm is quite nice, especially on a Wednesday morning. I do miss my guns but i guess i could… snip people’s ships?



Thanks for this amazing patch!

I think you forgot to add a change where all alien ships get a +1000% damage boost and now appear in all PvP games and spawn at a rate of 100 aliens per minute.

You also forgot the change where dreadnoughts now require 100x the iridium per stage to complete, all previous progress is negated, and each stage of construction lasts between 7 months and 1 year…


and there goes my hope that the last patch was the april 1st joke…

Hello every one this is my first time posting… yeah.


Anyway after reading that post I was very amused in fact I almost shot mike through my nose (if I were drinking it). I enjoyed the informative discussion. I would like to see you guys do that type of thing more often. It would lighten the mode and give use something else to talk about.



Thanks for all your hard work,

 Keep the updates comming.


Ensign Tybeerius Dax


The Void



Nice try folks, but you never post exact changes with numbers so…

There are exact changes in the patch note: +50% on shield and hull volume then -50% on shield and hull volume is -25% on shield and hull volume. Clear as crab.

Taking all fuel cells away from every map would have been the real joke.

So, anyone noticed any ninja changes in this patch?

And I was wondering, do all ships now fly only sideways since they have crab pincers?

I love the patch! The new graphical changes are really stunning! Well done guys!


Can we have a Tiers 0 ship called “Zoidberg”?

woop woooop woop woop wop

Lezort is lying!


It’s April Fool’s day!


Today, everything they say is just a lie!


There won’t be any patch tomorrow!

Lezort is lying!


It’s April fool’s day!


Today, everything they say is just a lie!


There won’t be any patch tomorrow!

We got the biggest patch in game history last week!


You can’t be done with it already?!

I feel a little bad now for any previous complaints about the game.


Not enough to stop future complaints.


O, I sooooo want a video recording of Fox reading this.

I want to see the initial glee in his eyes, then watch it slowly fade away.

My ship was destroyed by another player I’m making a bug report!