Disc Error

Was doing one of Lucas Horn’s OS tasks: had to activate 3 beacons. Game crashed each time I activated a beacon in Open Space, Control Post. Each time it said “Disc Read Error”. 





Your hard drive is failing bud. Back up any important data asap.

WD blue, and any seagate drives are known to fail early. if using spindle drives get the WD black or enterprise re4’s




You will need to pay close attention to the commands. 


Windows drive diag is not trustworthy. You can run it in the properties, tools tab. It probably wont detect an issue. 

I still use broken drives, but not for data. If the drive is just for gaming, then rock on.  At some point its gonna die completely, just dont keep any important data on it.


Find me on steam and I can probably help you better.




Run a disk check about once a month so the OS knows not to use bad sectors. If you find there are too many bad sectors, then yes, it may be time for a new hard drive. Of course there is more to the possibilities of disk failure than bad sectors but that’s normally a good place to start. GL!

Problem fixed!  also bought another HDD and backed up all stuff in it, just in case. \o/ thanks guys!